Residual | Part 6

residual | part 6 roots like veins Roots like veins: How gently they reach first; Then, not at all. Suddenly they’re shoots that call Unto the soil, the earth’s Very core. So doggedly Will not dissolve Until you know what They have done so for. I know this rhythm All too well: Overplayed song I’veContinue reading “Residual | Part 6”

Residual | Part 5

residual | part 5 ‘What if I were smiling, and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?’ We wait for so much beneath the embrace of fluorescent lights— Lingering is a natural state of things. It pushes us towards entropy, that slow-consuming enemy; It eats at order we desire, andContinue reading “Residual | Part 5”

Residual | Part 4

residual | part 4 ‘To ache is Human – not polite –’ once there was a morning when the sun dripped out of bed infusing the air with the violet drops of a blood orange, just as citrus just as sweet, and it was harsh and threatening. it made the day action, abstraction to concreteContinue reading “Residual | Part 4”