uprooted from a sometime somewhere

on letting go | part 2 uprooted from a sometime somewhere i miss a tender wilderness that i’ve not ever (truly) known it is a place so far away that i’m not lonesome though i am alone — because — the columns of the rainforest the colors of the sky blanket all my being asContinue reading “uprooted from a sometime somewhere”

Residual | Part 6

residual | part 6 roots like veins Roots like veins: How gently they reach first; Then, not at all. Suddenly they’re shoots that call Unto the soil, the earth’s Very core. So doggedly Will not dissolve Until you know what They have done so for. I know this rhythm All too well: Overplayed song I’veContinue reading “Residual | Part 6”

Residual | Part 5

residual | part 5 ‘What if I were smiling, and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?’ We wait for so much beneath the embrace of fluorescent lights— Lingering is a natural state of things. It pushes us towards entropy, that slow-consuming enemy; It eats at order we desire, andContinue reading “Residual | Part 5”

Residual | Part 4

residual | part 4 ‘To ache is Human – not polite –’ once there was a morning when the sun dripped out of bed infusing the air with the violet drops of a blood orange, just as citrus just as sweet, and it was harsh and threatening. it made the day action, abstraction to concreteContinue reading “Residual | Part 4”

Residual | Part 3

residual | part 3 And how does one truly Stay True (feat. slightly echoic audio right here)   and how does one truly Stay True? as if it were something to simply Go Do— or, were it not, perhaps it could relate to that letting the presence of Innermost You radiate. perhaps it is simple asContinue reading “Residual | Part 3”

Residual | Part 1

residual | part 1 joy joy: it’s a funny thing. you think at first it’s meant to burst like fireworks in the velvet sky but it looks more like a mountain stretching high, cracking the air we breathe – and it’s we who choose to stay in its midst or to leave. it’s happiness that’sContinue reading “Residual | Part 1”


residual | a brief introduction phantom limbs, and echoes, and shadows cast — these are the past.                       and can they last? perhaps, when left unseen. but what if, instead, yesterday’s a handprint? not quite a palm, no, but its same design. would you understand then thatContinue reading “Residual”